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Newcastle Skin Clinic



Any new , changing dark lesions may be a melanoma and urgent assessment is required. Early removal may be curative if it is superficial.


Changing lesions

New dark colour appearing in a previous lesion may indicate malignant change and should be reviewed



Have your moles assessed and removed if necessary.


pigmented areas

Red areas can indicate superficial cancers. If new changes occur - have them reviewed

Dr Peter Miles, Dr Michael Sales, Dr Steven Lindsay, Dr Schalk Botes,

Dr Joab Hull, Dr Rebecca Rowe and Dr Tom Lyford

work at Newcastle Skin Clinic.

We are General Practitioners with skills in diagnosing and treating skin diseases including Skin Cancers, based in Adamstown, NSW. We work in state of the art premises including fully equipped procedure rooms enabling complex treatment under local anaesthetic, including cryotherapy, biopsy, excision of lesions and repair of wounds using flaps if needed. 

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